Breeding Review
His sire Premier Fantasy was Irish greyhound of the year after smashing the track record at the country's No 1 racetrack Shelbourne Park, winning Group 1s, but then tragically smashing his hock when odds on favourite for the English Derby final. At stud he has been something else, but has done particularly well in Australia with such greats as Flash of Light, Prince Diablo, Tuiaki, Joanne Monelli, Swift Fantasy, Mepungi Geordie, Premier Moment etc etc.

Miss Mini Mouse (Brett Lee-Leprechaun Yap) is the dam of Premier Boloney and was a race bitch and now broodbitch she has been. On the track she won the SA Oaks and Bert Bryant Memorial, but also chased home her litter sister, champion Betty's Angel, in the Melbourne Cup finishing second. Miss Mini Mouse also made the finals of the Adelaide Cup and a second Melbourne Cup.
While Premier Boloney is the standout of her mating to Premier Fantasy, to Go Wild Teddy she has produced Group 2 Qld Futurity winner Katie Merry.

Miss Mini Mouse is also a sister to Group 1 Paws of Thunder winner Leprechaun Pace the dam of Group 1 Perth Cup winner Oaks Road. She is a half sister to proven sires Talks Cheap and Bo Frazier and her half sister Glamorous is the dam of exciting young sire Magic Sprite.

This is the damline of Australian Hall of Fame bitch National Lass the fifth dam of Premier Boloney.
Now that Premier Boloney has been retired to stud, the question of what bitches will suit him best will be asked. And that will be a pretty silly question. Premier Boloney suits a multitude of broodbitches...just about any bitch available.

Legend Brett Lee sits poised as Premier Boloney's damsire and in that position he will have a great say in how successful Premier Boloney can be at stud. No young stud dog could have a better or more influential ancestor than Brett Lee.
Brett Lee, being so great, mixes with many, many diverse female lines. But there is no doubting he should have a particular affinity with bitches that carry his own litter brother Trendy Leigh, and of course his record breaking Group 1 winning half brother Big Daddy Cool who was himself a high class stud dog.

Brett Lee also does exceptionally well with bitches that have Light Of Fire in their pedigree. This is because Brett Lee's mother Sobbing Sal is bred along similar lines to Light Of Fire. Light of Fire can be picked up in many bitches pedigrees, ideally through one of his daughters, or via his influential son Awesome Assassin. And of course Awesome Assassinís own champion sire son Collision, and other sons like Path To Power, Run's House, Modern Assassin and Whisky Assassin will all bring in this link between Sobbing Sal and Light Of Fire.

Premier Boloney's dam Miss Mini Mouse is bred on that wonderful cross between Wee Sal and Shining Chariot. Wee Sal, second dam of Brett Lee, is bred identically to and is a wonderful "balance" for Shining Chariot. Which makes Light Of Fire even more important to Premier Boloney and his chances of success. Light Of Fire's own dam Centrefire is a sister to Shining Chariot.

Bombastic Shiraz bitches are absolutely perfect to be mated to Premier Boloney. He provides strength in many of his offspring but he also provides an important link to the pedigree of Premier Boloney. That's because Premier Boloney's fourth dam National Dingaan is heavily in-bred to Chief Dingaan and his litter sister Zimbabwe. Bombastic Shiraz's fifth dam is none other than Zimbabwe. This is the famous Zulu Moss family that does exceptionally well when it is reinforced within itself.

This family can also be found in the pedigree of Awesome Assassin (via Riviera Tiger) and also in Elite State (via his damsire Dagenham whose second dam Miss Lemoss is a litter sister to Riviera Tiger). Casino Tom is also from this same family.
An extremely interesting mating for Premier Boloney will be with any bitches that carry Little Denver in their pedigree. Little Denver is the National Derby winner who is a litter brother to National Dingaan (fourth dam of Premier Boloney). Little Denver can be found in the pedigree of handy sire Addis Boy. He can also be found in the pedigree of Zealous Guy and is found in a number of successful broodbitches.

Trewly Special, and his outstanding brothers Trew Millions and Go Forever, have been successful if unheralded stud dogs. Trewly Special in particular has an incredible winners-to-runners strike rate.

Daughters of these brothers could bring in a powerful cross with Premier Boloney.
This is because Trewly Special is bred along identical lines to Miss Mini Mouse but they are a perfect balance for each other.
Both are by Brett Lee, and they carry Leprechaun Miss in their damline, Trewly Special via a SON and Miss Mini Mouse via a DAUGHTER. Broodbitch owners should take great notice of this. Trewly Special's damsire Jones Junior is by Head Honcho-Leprechaun Miss. Jones Junior is a litter brother to the very classy Royal Assassin and Clearwater Boy and all three were high class gallopers.
There are many, many bitches with Royal Assassin in their pedigree that can be mated to Premier Boloney.

There could also be a special cross introduced by putting daughters of Talks Cheap and Bo Frazier to Premier Boloney. This will bring in a very special cross of Spiral Nikita to link with Premier Fantasy (more on that later), but also double Leprechaun Yap via her daughter Miss Mini Mouse and son Talks Cheap/Bo Frazier.

This points to the fact that the Leprechaun Miss female family does exceptionally well when mated to Head Honcho. Breeders will note that there is NO Head Honcho in Premier Boloney. Thus it stands to reason that broodbitches with Head Honcho, and obviously his great sons Go Wild Teddy, Top Honcho, Carlisle Jack, No Intent, Dave's Mentor etc etc will all suit a mating to Premier Boloney.
It is no coincidence that Premier Boloney's Group winning half sister Katie Merry is by Go Wild Teddy.
We also point out that the former star race dog Birthday Boy was a son of Where's Pedro and is from the same Leprechaun Miss family. This leads us to believe the cross with Premier Boloney and daughters of Where's Pedro or his brothers Hallucinate and Crash could also work.

The fact Wee Sal is so prominent in the damline of Premier Boloney, and the fact he could stretch his speed to a middle distance, means he is ripe for a mating to bitches that have the great speed influence Malawiís Prince in their make-up.
Malawi's Prince and Wee Sal are bred very similarly.

Malawi's Prince is found significantly in the pedigree of such sires as Bombastic Shiraz, Go Wild Teddy, Collision, Collide, El Galo, High Earner, Modern Assassin, Over Flo, Honcho Classic, Mean Bean, Ace Hi Rumble.

And of course, Malawi's Prince is the sire of such stud dogs as the great Token Prince, Placard, Prince Of Tigers, Toolibuk, Awesome McLaren etc. Bitches by sons of Token Prince such as Malfoy and Pure Octane could suit Premier Boloney. Of particular not will be daughters of Give Me Five. He is by Brett Lee from a daughter of Token Prince.
Which brings us to Premier Boloney's sireline ... the great Premier Fantasy.

We cannot stress enough that Premier Boloney should be mated to broodbitches that carry Spiral Nikita in their pedigree. The "Leprechaun" family has already worked exceptionally well with Spiral Nikita (Talks Cheap, Bo Frazier) and a sister to Talks Cheap, Glamorous, when mated to Brett Lee produced Magic Sprite now one of the hottest young sires in the country.
Spiral Nikita and Brett Lee are perfect for each other and it has been proven throughout the world.

In the future, bitches by Cosmic Rumble (by Spiral Nikita) could suit Premier Boloney.
But Spiral Nikita also has a special affinity to Premier Fantasy's dam Nifty Niamh. They are bred along very similar lines carrying the genetic brothers Curryhills Fox and Daleys Gold, the half relations Westmead Lane and Westmead City, and also a double to the famed broodbitch Rothe Moth.

Bitches with the famous Irish broodbitch Little Diamond in their pedigree will also suit because she is by Spiral Nikita and out of a daughter of Murlens Slippy making her bred similarly to Nifty Niamh (dam of Premier Fantasy). Little Diamond can be found in the great Irish sires Droopys Maldini, Droopys Marco and Droopys Scolari, all of who have daughters in Australia.
Murlens Chill, dam of Premier Fantasy's damsire Murlens Chill, is also bred identically to Fortress. He can be found in daughters of Velocette, Slater and also via the damline of Knocka Norris.

Premier Fantasy has already worked exceptionally well with bitches sired by Top Honcho, Trendy Leigh (Tuiaki and Flash Of Light), Flying Penske (Swift Fantasy), Droopy's Maldini, Just The Best (Prince Diablo), Spiral Nikita (Oaks winner Kildallon Maid) and the US great Gable Dodge.

The great WA bitch Joanne Monelli is by Premier Fantasy from a daughter of No Intent (who is from the Wee Sal family).
A very special mating could be produced by putting a litter sister to champion sprinter Glen Gallon to Premier Boloney. Glen Gallon is by US champion Flying Stanley from a daughter of Bombastic Shiraz. Flying Stanley and Premier Fantasy have a number of very strong common links, while we have already spoken about how well Bombastic Shiraz bitches should suit Premier Boloney because of the common links in the direct damline.

There are many, many options for Premier Boloney to link successfully with a multitude of broodbitches throughout the country. Astute broodbitch owners will be able to see that easily..... and that's no BOLONEY.